JMV Prefectorial Board


The Prefectorial Board at JMV aims at empowering students by instilling in them leadership qualities, 21st century skills and core values (Vinay,Vivek,Vishwas) to make them responsible, collaborative and future-ready citizens.


The Prefectorial Board at Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidyalaya is a parliament of student leaders selected after a rigorous process. Students fill the application form and the selected ones appear for the interview. They are being interviewed by a panel of teachers and Principal. Their knowledge of current affairs, leadership skills and communicative skills are assessed. Thereafter, they are finally selected to don the responsibilities as future leaders. The Student Council undergoes training on how to serve fellow humans selflessly and with the aim of welfare of all. They help the school in smooth conduct of various programmes and activities like PTMs, special days celebration, orientations, etc. They also play a disciplinary role and help to remind the fellow students of their conduct and behaviour. Outside the school, they are emissaries of the school and the badge they wear symbolises the status endowed upon them. Hence, they learn lessons for life.