Our Labs

Our Labs

Computer Lab

IP Lab

The School has Four computer laboratories with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students and teachers.

Junior Computer Lab

Senior Computer Lab

Physics Lab

JMV Physics Lab aims to motivate and nurture the young talents by strengthening their scientific skills through experimentation.
Various activities performed by the students in the lab help them to relate the learnt phenomenon with everyday life.

Biology Lab

JMV Biology Lab provides hands on experience to the students about life and life processes,inculcates compassion for both biotic & abiotic components of the earth, generates curiosity, creativity and competence.

Chemistry Lab

JMV Chemistry Lab is a place where students explore the world of chemicals by verifying experimentally the theoretical aspects of chemistry & sensitises the students about the need of protecting the environment by using resources judiciously through microanalysis.

Psychology Lab

Thinking Lab

PURPOSE:- The purpose is to help the child realise & recognise his/her conscious level through self awareness, critical thinking and out of box aptitude.

The changing scenario in global education system and the dearth of creative thinkers have accentuated a paradigm shift from rote learning to creative thinking. With this thought in mind we have set up a Thinking Lab in our vidyalaya. It is inspired by Bloom’s Taxonomy of Thinking skills and provides a platform to the students to go beyond their books and explore their own thinking.

The objective is to foster curiousty, creativity along with critical and positive thinking. It will help them to build skills that last longer in one’s life.

Here the students are given an exposure to experiential learning and they learn through certain thinking tools and mind games in funfilled way. The educational tools are designed specifically to encourage certain cognitive thinking skills like basic logics, reasoning and creative concepts.

Learner’s Linguistic Lab

Aims at enabling, empowering and exposing the children to have command over global communication. It will help the students to improve phonics and pronunciation skills by using multiple audio and video sources.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Lab motivates the children to love, learn and live mathematics by thinking limitless within limits.
It enables the students to think, reason precisely, logically and critically in any given situation so that they can appreciate the role, value and use of mathematics in the society.

Heritage Lab

JMV Social Science Lab endeavours towards preparing true global citizens by incorporating different ideas and practices in learning via exploring the various geographical, historical and socio-economic concepts.
It goes a long way in a cohesive amalgamation of technology, cultural heritage and environment thereby paving way for better understanding of structure, management and governance of society.

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