Education demands from an educator to inspire young people to imbibe precious values that build character by giving plenty of opportunities to question, discuss and arrive at conclusion at each stage.

In consonance to this, JMV aims at being an institution where students and teachers are perpetual seekers of intellectual integrity and universal compassion.

Therefore we incessantly endeavour to help each other through Self Help Groups to identify :-

Who am I ?
What is my goal ?
What am I doing ?
Where I am stuck up & the way ahead ?

The purpose is to evolve a personality with difference by inculcating the habit of learning through Vinay, Vivek & Vishwas to meet the challenges put by the present scenario of changing values.
In JMV every teacher is adopting constructive approach of being a facilitator and guide who seldom dictates inspires children and helps them to aim high and achieve it with hard work and determination.