Sh. Manish Kumar Jain


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively & to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is goal of education..”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Along with imparting knowledge & career development, education must empower us to analyse and judge any situation properly for differentiating the genuine data from deception. This can be achieved with intensive critical thinking, imbibed via education. Intelligence gives power to earn the desired requirements but if this power is misused, then it can lead to adversity. Thus, our JMV school education system ensures to inculcate moral principles together with brainpower for nurturing young children into socially-responsible brilliant citizens.

Our state of the art infrastructure provides a platform for all-round development of children. As JMV is surrounded by the divine Jain temples, so the ethics of discipline and spirituality get cultivated in students and staff effectively.

Addressing to the changing needs, we must update ourselves and our system. The management system strives to formulate policies that befit the school requirements and uplift the educational standards of its pupils. The curriculum delivery is designed such that students experience hands-on learning instead of falling prey to rote-methods.

We should exercise our minds thoroughly to think clearly and rationally. We should sustain life-long learning that helps to deal challenges wisely through Vinay, Vivek and Vishwas.

May JMV family prosper with the blessings of our acharyas and Lord Mahavira!

Manish Kumar Jain
Hony. Manager