Sh. Raj Kumar Jain


A strong inspiration appeared from the forehead down to the complete mind, body and spiritual powers, thereby, guiding the community to provide first rate educational facilities to the children of villages around the complex of Vijay Vallabh Smarak. The Jain community put itself in full swing to fulfil the desires of Sadhvi Shri Mrigavati in 1993 when the foundation of the school was laid.

The school started functioning as Primary School with the driving force of Vinay, Vivek and Vishwas to achieve academic excellence. Later on the management committee laid emphasis on extra curricular activities and still later to the build up of spiritual personalities. With the change of global environment, we changed. Our aim of employability means to create wealth along with all round personality development, teach our children innovations and compete with the rest of the world. We are on full march to help our children, staff, management to achieve our aspirations with Vinay, Vivek and Vishwas. We started with 250 children and now there are around 2000 children and promise to maintain this rate of the progress.

India is gradually promoting the global peace propounded by visionaries who dreamt of India as birth place of harmony and brotherhood in keeping with love for humanity. One of these futuristic seers was Jain Sadhvi Mahattra Shree Mrigavati ji Maharaj, who foresaw educational advancement as a means for revolutionary progress in the field of spiritualism, social reforms and humanism. No wonder her inspiration resulted into the establishment of educational institutions, libraries and socio-religious centres among other things.

It is our good fortune that we are part of the Vidyalaya that carries her name and vision.

“I am confident that the students of JMV will continuously strive to be good humans following the path of ‘Adhyayan, Chintan and Aacharan’ to achieve worthwhile purposes of life.”

With good wishes and blessings.
Raj Kumar Jain
Chairman Emeritus