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Zing Thing

Building Aided Learning

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence”

(Building as Learning Aid) is an innovative concept towards qualitative improvement in education, through developing child-friendly, learning and fun based physical environment building in school infrastructure
BaLA Creates an absolute learning environment that is creative, joyful and innovative. Building as Learning Aid, or BaLA as it is popularly known, is about developing school spaces — the classrooms, the floors, walls, doors, windows, pillars, corridors, the outdoor spaces and the natural environment — as learning resources. “BaLA is a holistic plan and the school infrastructure is used to educate students in the new concept. It incorporates the ideas of activity-based learning The Building elements of normal concrete shapes are modified innovatively to involve children creatively.

The major objectives of BaLA project are:

  • To make school building child friendly places.
  • To create a conducive self -learning environment for children.
  • To promote inclusive learning through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
  • To provide accessibility of learning material to children at all times.

In JMV, we have been utilizing school’s physical infrastructure as a learning aid. It gives a multisensory experience to the children and makes abstract concept more concrete and real from the child’s perspective.
Our schools infrastructure is adorned with the stories of human evolution, National Freedom Struggle etc.
Walls are decorated with the boards depicting 23 JAIN Tirthankars, Mathematics Formulae, Sanskrit Shlokas, Phonetics, important agencies and their symbols, tables, hindi alphabets, inspirational quotes, effective habits and washroom ettiquettes.
The concept of BaLA creates a dedicated space for conducive learning as well as it incorporates the ideas of activity based learning and makes the learning environment absolutely hilarious, joyful, creative and innovative.

Sanskar Samvardhan

We lay great emphasis on Sanskar Samvardhan and organize programmes regularly to endow the progeny with virtues like love, peace, non-violence, compassion, sensitivity, empathy etc. We continuously endeavour to make students cognizant about the principles of giving and serving humanity.We instill humanistic values among the students and help them develop altruistic attitude in life. In this context, each student is given a sum of Rs 50/- and is asked to spend the amount for the charitable purpose. They are also asked to share their experience of utilizing the amount that they had spent for the benefit of the underprivileged. It would provide them a chance to take right decision based on their judgment and conscience. It would also motivate them to practice philanthropy in their lives and to contribute for the worthwhile purposes.


In JMV, we teach our students the art of living well through life skills education and values education which is inherent in our civilization, culture and tradition spanning over centuries.


It is a unique values education programme for classes VI-IX, It empowers children with a strong foundation of values. They get awakened to their infinite potential, intrinsic oneness and equality among human beings.


JMV in collaboration with JITO, organized a programme based on family values titled `Charan Sparsh’ conducted by the widely acclaimed motivational and inspirational speaker Mr. Rahul Kapoor Jain. “In the present era of technology when ‘Sanskars’ are taking backseat the resource person scientifically reinforced us to embrace our old customs and values.”


Forgiveness is the first and foremost virtue of ascetics and scholars. It is the ornament of the brave. Every year Vidyalaya celebrates Kshamapana Diwas to expound the significance of forgiveness in life. Principal, teachers and students give and seek forgiveness to each other.


Jagriti Shivir was organised with an aim to spread positivity and enable every child to contribute. Shloka chanting, discussions and PPTs were shown to elucidate the topics.


All the departments have their specific purpose statements. At regular intervals, the statements are reviewed and discussed, how to remain relevant and achieve our goals through new pedagogies and innovative practices.

Sanskar Samvardhan Activities

Class 6

  • Stories sessions from JMV YouTube story channel
  • Shlokas (Hindi period)
  • Class Discussion on the topic"Kindness".
  • Enacting the given situation
  • Know about yourself ( Discussion on strengths and weaknesses)
  • Reflection Time

Class 7

  • Stories sessions from JMV YouTube story channel
  • Shlokas (Hindi period)
  • Awakened Citizen Program
  • Class Discussion on the topic ‘Honesty’.
  • Sharing experiences on honesty and dishonesty.
  • Enacting the given situation
  • Know about yourself ( Discussion on strengths and weaknesses)

Class 8

  • Stories sessions from MV YouTube story channel
  • Shlokas (Hindi period)
  • Awakened Citizen Program
  • Class Discussion on the topic ‘Gratitude’
  • Sharing experiences on gratitude.
  • Enacting the given situation.
  • Know about yourself ( Discussion on strengths and weaknesses)

Building Hearts

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